Black Earth Premium Substrate 9L

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Cal Aqua Labs developed Black Earth Premium from the ground up and is the result of years of cumulative research and testing. The end result is a highly-advanced, highly-fertile substrate that does not leach harmful ammonia into the water column.

Special characteristics of Black Earth Premium:

1) Does not release ammonia
Fertile substates tend to leach high levels of ammonia into the water column during the initial weeks of setup. This may be harmful to sensitive inhabitants, making users wait for long periods of time before safely introducing aquatic fauna into their tank. Although Black Earth Premium is highly-fertile and rich in organic nutrients, our advanced production process locks the ammonia inside the substrate. This assures that most of the nutrients remain within the substrate for the plants, and not washed away by water. As a result, the substrate remains fertile longer. This also makes your aquarium less prone to algae outbreaks, as well as keeps the aquatic inhabitants safe and eliminates long cycle times.

2) Advanced production process = Natural granules that extend substrate lifetime + better preserved nutrients
CAL AQUA LABS developed an advanced process for the production of Black Earth Premium that results in cohesive granules that are not brittle under prolonged submergence. As a result, they suffer significantly less brittle fractures and prolong the lifetime of the substrate. Our unique production process also better preserves the natural nutrients within the soil than conventional methods.

3) Polished, crystal clear water
Special ingredients blended into Black Earth Premium have the ability to capture and bind small colloidal particles in water. As a result, the substrate doubles as another biological and mechanical filtration unit with massive surface area. This results in amazingly polished, crystal clear water.

4) High density granules
The Black Earth Premium formula creates granules with higher density. This translate to the granules holding down plants better

5) Creates slightly acidic water conditions
Black Earth Premium is made from natural, highly-fertile earth which is rich in humic and fulvic acids. As a result, it creates slightly acidic water conditions which is optimal for keeping aquatic plants and most freshwater fish.

Available sizes and granule types
Black Earth Premium is available in 9-liter (sufficient for a 20 gallon tank) bags. With two granule sizes to choose from: Normal and Extra Fine.

Use directions

1. DO NOT wash or rinse before use. Pour Black Earth directly onto the bottom of the aquarium. The substrate layer should be at least 1-2 inches thick to allow plant roots to fully grow

2. Place and arrange decorative rocks and driftwood

3. Carefully add water. To fill the aquarium with water, first place a large plastic bag or newspaper on the soil surface to prevent water from impacting and stirring up the substrate. Slowly add water and take care not to disturb the substrate layer. Planting can be easily done when water is slightly above the substrate level.

4. Install proper filtration equipment and allow the tank to equilibrate. Make sure the filter outflow does not point directly at the soil to avoid distrubing the substrate layer.


For freshwater aquarium use only. Keep away from children.
Store unused soil in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

How Much?

It is recommended that at least a 4cm (minimum) layer should be used to allow proper development of plant roots.

Usage Calculation

Tank Size (LxWxH :cm)                    Tank Volume                           Minimum Substrate (litres) 

30x15x20                                                 9 Litres                                            2.5

50x28x30                                               38 Litres                                              6

60x30x45                                               80 Litres                                              9

90x45x45                                             180 Litres                                             18

120x45x45                                           240 Litres                                             28