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SHIELD is a natural product that enhances growth, immunity and anti-disease ability, lowers death rate, and even control white spot when used with fishes. It absorbs toxin and waste such as HNO2, NH3/4, NO3, H2S, assimilate organic waste into micro-organism food, thus creating a balanced environment in high bio-load tank.

Observation: Shrimps will appear in a slight feeding frenzy digging around for the undissolved particles of Shield. You can observe that shrimps becomes much more active and have better appetite.

Dosage: Dose 1 spoon / 200Liters of water after weekly change to maintain quality. Use twice / weekly when you have poor water quality, high bio-load or unknown death of shrimps. For Aquarium use only.

Composition: Beneficial microbes, beta-glucan, vitamin b group and mineral, amino acids, carotenoid, enzyme, Ginseng/PSB extract, Ginger, colostrum, Mannan Oligosaccharides