• Cyanoacrylate Aquascaping Glue 4g


    Cyanoacrylate Aquascaping Glue 4g

    Cyanoacrylate Aquascaping Glue 4g (1 Tube) Features: Gel form Can be used on driftwood, stones and other hardscape items to attach plants, mosses etc. No harm to plants and animals Sets quickly under water

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  • Glass Plant Pot


    Glass Plant Pot

    This Glass Plant Pot is perfect for planted or shrimp tanks. It attaches via two suction cups supplied to the aquarium glass wall. You could add some moss or even some rooted plants (with some soil). Great for plants that require higher light as you...

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  • Moss Dome


    Moss Dome

    This Moss Dome is perfect for planted or shrimp tanks. It allows you to secure a moss or plant without having to glue anything. Just unscrew it, put in your desired plant, re-screw until secure and place in your tank. Approx. Size: 5cm X 3cm

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  • Moss Tree


    Moss Tree

    The Moss Tree holder makes it easy to create a real looking tree in your aquarium using moss. The cage opens which allows you to place the moss inside and close the cage. Screw to the base and place in the aquarium. Be sure to dig the base into the...

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