Shelters are a great addition to shrimp and fish aquariums because it allows them a hiding spot. This is particularly important for shrimp that are fresh moulted, berried or even shrimplets as it allows them a hiding place at their most vulnerable stage.

Shelters are also great for attaching moss or other plants on where it provides even more protection for shrimp and fish.

  • Lowkeys

    Baby Bee Shelter Flowers

    Juvenile shrimp are easily sucked into filters when they are very young and also at risk of cannibalism during moulting. These Shelters can provide hiding places for the baby during times of stress and need. This can help increase survival rate of your...

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  • Garnelenhaus

    Shrimp House S

    The Shrimp House S is made of high-fired clay, and it is hand-crafted in Germany. Great shelter for shrimp and their offspring. Shrimp need to rest, and especially when they are about to molt they like a spot where they are left in peace. Shrimp houses...

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  • SUDO

    Shrimp Shelter Cube (5 Pack)

    These ceramic shrimp cubes are great for adult and juvenile shrimp. They act as a shrimp shelter. Made of ceramicApprox. Size: 2cm X 2cm X 2cmPack of 5 Note: Packaging may vary

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  • Miscellaneous

    Shrimp Shelter Star

    These ceramic shrimp stars are great for adult and juvenile shrimp as they create shelter. Made of ceramicApprox. Size: 4cm X 1.5cm Quantity - 1 Star

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