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Sochting Oxydator D

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The Sochting Oxydator D is designed for aquariums up to about 100 litres however you can use an additional Sochting Oxydator A or D if you have a larger capacity aquarium.

What's included?

  • Sochting Oxydator D
  • 1 catalyst
  • An instruction sheet

Sochting Oxydator solution is not included.

Container Diameter: 5.7cm
Base Diameter: 8.9cm
Overall Height: 8.9cm
Filling: 125ml (a little over 1/2 cup) of 6% Oxydator solution and 1 catalyst

Important: only 35% food grade H202 should be used for mixing oxydator solution to correct ratio of 6% - this can be brought from here. Please read instructions carefully! All mixing ratio and instructions For H202 can be found here.